Saturday, March 28, 2015

More LA Porsche Weekend Fun

Lou's Metal Shaping
More of Lou's Metal Shaping

Eric's 912 from Lazybonegarage was looking good !

We always end up with tons of pictures of Eric's car but how can we not?

Sherwood's Bagel delivery hot rod

One more for the books, see you next year!! 

Tom found this "55" a few months ago, hidden away in one of our local mountain communities!
Very nice ST!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Phoenix club show and swap 2015 #2

Carlos' killer shots!

Nice ST Style!

Salazar "69"

Patrick Long

Friday before literature show

As some know my 911 was down for awhile. I would like to thank Ben, Carlos and Chris for coming down with lunch and a helping hand to finish up clutch replacement!  It felt great getting back in the car after so much time! Car drives great and it was ready for Phoenix show on Sunday.

Porsche / VW Literature Show L.A. X Hilton 2015

pursang356 at Lit show. Sal, Carlos, Ben.