Monday, January 30, 2012

Dagos Speed Shop

Rene Astengo of Dagos Speed Shop held a  BBQ/Bullshit session to kick off  the Grand National Roadster Show this past weekend. It was really cool to meet some of the builders whose work I dig . Some of the attendees were Johnny Lizarraga, Rick and friends from Vancouver B.C. photographer Greg Bojorquez whom I havent seen in about 25yrs. Ben Salazar, Damon Leiataua , Ernesto Torres ,and friends. Good food, cold beer,  Great Friends, Good Times!


  1. Excellent Pics Sal!.
    Yea Man, You nailed it, BBQ was a Good Time.
    Already Looking forward to next years gathering.
    *Thanks again for the dig in the 911.*

  2. Hey Rick, Thanks for viewing, had a good time last week good to meet you and your crew. Looking forward to hook up in June for Born Free.