Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Salvador Mendez Sr.

Regarding my profile pic, it is a picture of my Grandfather Salvador Mendez Sr. Taken when he was approximately 21 yrs. of age in in the year 1928 in his home town Tlazazalca, Michoacan Mexico. He is pictured astride a Andalusian Stallion and wearing a .38 Colt revolver in a holster. My grandfather was a highly principled and disciplined man who could teach you how to do just about anything .The Andalusian is a Berber/Iberian mix from our family's ancestral home of Andalusia in southern Spain. The Berber/Andalusian was introduced to Spain by the invading Moors in 711AD.
These horses were loaded onto ships heading for New Spain as early as 16th century, and have  since remained in the colonial region of Mexico. The Andalusian Stallion is yesterdays equivalent of a fine European sports car.


  1. Yeah brother a real Man's Man, he lived through allot of hard times especially as a boy during the Revolution, he would tell me some crazy stories about that time. Miss that Man.