Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dug Up in South Central L.A.

This story appeared in the L.A. TIMES back in the late seventies. The story goes like this. A wealthy plumber from Alhambra buys his wife a Ferrari Dino as a birthday gift, they go out to dinner in the car one night and park the car on Wilshire blvd. You guessed it when they come out the car is gone! Jump ahead about 5 yrs. Two kids are playing in their yard in South L.A. and are digging up some dirt and find a car buried in the yard! They call police and a backhoe is brought in to dig out the car. The thieves stuffed towels and rags in the windows, air vents and tailpipe etc. But water damage was extensive. The car was later auctioned and a guy with a Ferrari shop in the valley purchased it and later fully restored the car. He purchased personal plates from the D.M.V. which read DUG UP. Who knows why the thieves chose to bury the car. Classic L.A. car story.

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