Friday, December 21, 2012

Round head lights

So I was going though all my photos and checking all the blogs that I like and it hit me.
" round head lights " All the bitchin cars have them. It gives them their personality.
I'm Ben Salazar. Proud father,husband, car enthusiast, and member of Der Kleiner Panzers.
The proprietor of this blog has been kind or foolish enough to allow me to contribute. I thank him for that and will try to keep the standards high. But really Sal & I have been friends for a long time. Been though a lot and are still enjoying the hobby, it's in our blood. Can't live without it.


  1. Hey Man! Welcome to the Blog, it needed a fresh perspective. I am looking forward to posting new projects especially Carlos' "67" 912 rebuild. Are you reading this Carlos??

  2. Ben, great idea/contribution to this awesome blog!

    Sal, I can't wait to start on it and join those fun drives!