Friday, January 11, 2013


Someone needs to remind this pompous, filthy, neutered, sack, of socialist humanity of the brave American Men that gave their lives to protect his homeland from the inevitable  invasion of Nazis. A Large majority of those Men came from rural  hunting backgrounds and knew how to responsibly and safely operate firearms with deadly accuracy, thus giving us the edge. If it wasn't for the 2nd amendment  giving us this right to maintain a firearm for our personal protection as well as put food on the table many of those fighting men would be behind the curve in their marksmanship skill. If anyone is interested in this history read Audie Murpheys story . I am certainly  not taking anything away from his own countries fighting forces or any of our other allies , but the truth is that the German Army needed to be stopped on multiple fronts in order to prevent the invasion of British Isles .The Constitution has given the U.S. citizen the right to protect ourselves from any threat . For a so called journalist he is sadly ignorant and immoral regarding his own history let alone world history.  He should ask his father and his fathers father what they would have preferred to fight with if the German Army invaded the British mainland. Would it be sticks ? Maybe stones?

Audie Murphey.

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