Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

It was hard to keep a lid on this
Back in Oct I get a call from a club member and it goes something like this.
"Hi, Ben this is Ron.  Is you car together & running?"
" Good, the reason is a Friend needs a blue car for a VW photo shoot, I'll pass along your info to him & he'll be in touch"
-OK cool
A few days later the guy calls gives me the shoot info. At the shoot the guy gives me the concept info and I'm thinking this is pretty cool. My car is gonna be in a real VW print ad. Well at the end of the day he says the ads will be out around Feb.  Thanks Sacha, it truly was my pleasure being a part of your project. 
These are a few iPhone pics I took.

Thanks again to Sacha & also to Nick Meek the photographer and the crew.
That's a nice classic touch on the front fenders..round headlights.


  1. That is BAD ASS! Congrats brother, the add looks great. Great legacy for a car that already had a great history! WORLD WIDE!

  2. Agree with Sal, BAD ASS it is!!! I'm happy this happened to an awesome car and a great guy!!