Thursday, July 11, 2013

Porsche Lifestyle Megascene # 00

John Straub's 911 on the cover.

I picked up the Mag this week and it is really a high quality work of art! There are a few new pics of the Duchess that I have not seen. The 356 was presented really well thanks to Maurice. It is my honor to be presented in the company of such high quality cars! Get your copy at Autobooks in Burbank, CA. They produced a limited run of only 2000 copies!

Maurice is highlited as a contributing photographer. Whats funny is they used a photo that I shot of him at Reensport Reunion! And no I didn't get credit or paid!


  1. Hey! I recognize that crazy photographer! Is that a picture of your 356 I see in the mag also, from that day we came up your way?

    1. Hey Scott, yes all those pics are from the same shoot up in Turnbull Cyn. That day! A lot of MO VDT's work in there! I don't know if you can find the Mag out there? but it is a very cool piece. Very high quality Mag. Thx for stopping by. Hows the P car project coming?

  2. Hey bud! Yeah, I really want a copy. May see if I can order it from AutoBooks and have him send it. P-car is going slow. Trying to finish my Model A, and then it's ON! In the mean time, just learning all I can so when it's "go time" I'm ready to... err... go! In parallel, I have a little after-market parts thing in-process to bring a little Southern California hot rod style to the early Porsche scene. More on that when it happens. Researching right now. I've been waiting for some updates on your 911 progress as well! :)

  3. Sick Sick!! I have to get me my copy this weekend!!