Saturday, February 20, 2016

Moto-Lita / VDM

I have had this Moto-Lita wheel put away for a long time and thought about changing the one in my 356B.
I noticed it was drilled for a VDM center hub, wich is strange because most Moto Lita wheels I have seen are drilled for a 9 hole Derrington style hub. I cannibalized a old 912 ebonite wheel for the VDM center and machined it down to fit the smaller center opening on the Moto-Lita. 

Machined hub.

polished and assembled wheel

VDM hub.

Installed Moto-Lita with OG 356B horn button! If anyone has seen this wheel and can date it let me know I have a feeling it was designed for early 911/912.

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