Friday, September 23, 2011

Road to Rennsport

My turn to get my 70T ready for rennsport reunion. I have had this 911 for about 5-6yrs and used to daily drive it ,and work on it little by little. I took car over to Sportline Motors so owner Ruben Garcia could put new A arm bushings, heavy front sway bar , heavy rear torsion bars and new rubber bushings, new Koni's front and rear, and lower car just a bit. Car's suspension was all original and worn out, car now handles amazing. Ruben works for a private GT3 team as a traveling mechanic as well, and has a lot of Baja 1000 experiance he is very reasonable and honest. Thanks Ruben!


  1. Holy shit Sal, I just pooped my pants. That car amazing! It sits sooo right!

  2. Thats Funny. yeah after getting it home that day I ended up raising up just a little in front. the tire rubbed a little on full turn in. I will post more pics after I do a little more. Thanks for watching!