Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleepers CC / MC E.L.A.

This was my old mans car  club back in about 1955 when he was 16 yrs.old . He sketched the artwork and made up the name . This artwork would have been lost to time if it wasnt for my uncle Louie Mendez Sr. catching up with someone from the old neighborhood who had the old club plate hanging in his garage. My uncle has been searching for that plate for the last 45 years. My uncle has been building Hot Rods and Customs since he was about 16yrs. Only stopped because of 2 tours in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine. He buys and sells rare and hard to find speed parts from all over the west coast shows and swaps. Getting back to the plate the reason my dad used the name sleepers was  because all the guys lived in what was then called Sleepy Valley which was in East Los Angeles east of Dog Town housing projects, south of El Sereno Hills and north of City Terrace hills along the hwy 10 corridor. My dad cruised a 39 Chevy business coupe.

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