Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fender Showman

My nephew and I Picked up this 1963 Fender Showman at a old auction house in south central L.A. a few months ago. Plugged it in and it worked but needed help. So you never know who your neighbors are, I know a guy named Chris Olivas ( pictured above) who has a business near mine and I knew he played guitar to so I asked if he knew someone locally who can repair old amps and he told me he could and would be willing to check it out. So as the story goes we started talking about his experience and it turns out he was a sound engineer back in the day in Hollywood and has worked with everybody from Barry White to Billy Idol in the 90's he also has engineering credits on Tools first album! Chris is a great guy and is brilliant with old equipment, the amp sounds insane and will be for sale. If interested contact me.


  1. I have the blonde set. My father was in bands in the '60's and even won the Battle of the bands in Missouri. He passed away 2 years ago. I have his old Gibson as acoustic 12-string and a scroll top bass! Good for you! Good luck

  2. Hey Kerri, yeah my set was originally blond as well, somewhere along the line someone spray painted it black. I am using a paint remover to get most of the paint off . They sound really sweet and are enough power to play any venue. Cool story about your dad's history, hang on to his equipment, besides it being rare, I,m sure it has allot of sentimental value ! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Sal.