Thursday, April 19, 2012

Opposed to the Horizontal

I ran across this Tatra a few Saturdays ago, it is a really original car. The owner was a guy named Josh and he was very informative about the car and it's history. I told him I had met Paul a guy in Echo Park that also had one and he said there were 3 in North America, his, Paul's and Jay Leno's. I tend to think there are a few more here but maybe un-registered as of yet. Well if you didn't notice that is a Flat four air cooled engine sitting back there. That motor pre dates  Dr. Ferdinand Porsche's design. The engineer was Hans Ledwinka also of Austrian heritage, he designed a chain drive single overhead cam per cylinder bank flat four in the late twenties early thirties. His son Hans became head of engineering at Tatra in the late thirties and designed the T-97 which closely resembled the VW Beetle.


  1. Those Tatra's are Crazy!!!
    I've alway's wanted to hit Nashville so I could check out the Tatra Collection *among others* at Lane Motor Museum.

  2. I didn't know about that museum sound like something to check into! They are very unique little cars.